of our Forefathers

A Brief History of the Church

St. Lucas Community Church has a strong tradition of serving the spiritual needs of Lake Elmo and surrounding communities. Organized by German immigrants as the Evangelische St. Lucas Kirche (St. Lucas Evangelical Church) in 1872, St. Lucas began as a small, German-speaking church. German services continued until 1925. At this time, an English service was added. The transition to all English services finally took place in the early 1930’s.

While its core beliefs and mission have remained a consistent foundation for over 125 years, the church’s name and physical structure have undergone several changes. For many years, St. Lucas was known as Horseshoe Lake Church (a name shared with the lake visible from the front steps of the church). In 1956, a basement was added, and the sanctuary was expanded to meet the growing needs of the thriving congregation. In 2004, the congregation of St. Lucas was called again to expand in order to meet the needs of a growing congregation, including thriving youth programs. The church’s facilities were tripled in size with an addition that included a fellowship hall, kitchen, narthex reception area, elevator, six new classrooms, several new offices, and new modern restrooms. At the completion of the addition, the second phase of the project began. The sanctuary was turned 90 degrees with the alter placed in it’s third location at the west end of the church. Additional seating, a library, and an expanded music area were also part of this remodel.

In 1997, St Lucas joined the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and changed to its current name of St. Lucas Community Church. Although the name has changed and the building has been often remodeled, the commitment of St. Lucas to sharing God’s word has remained consistent, and its familiar spire continues to faithfully beckon worshipers today.