Loving Others

Outreach and Missions

Jesus commissioned His disciples by clearly stating, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” 

To, us this means we are highly interested in helping people come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord and do life-on-life with them in such a way they grow closer to God. It also means we are a sending church and a supporting church. We send people from our congregation on short-term mission trips—both in the U.S. and to foreign countries, we support missionaries and mission work on a long-term basis, and we support and send youth and adult teams to reach out into our local communities to meet people’s needs.

Partnering in Missions Work

The St. Lucas family is committed to reaching out beyond the walls of our building to affect the world with the Gospel of Christ. Utilizing our time, talents, financial support, and prayer support, we seek opportunities to spread the good news to our local communities and beyond!

Global Mission Trips

  • Our pastor went to India in 2013 to learn more about a particular mission and to participate in training some indigenous pastors who have been serving as village pastors for many years but have never had any formal biblical training.
  • Two members flew to Thailand to come alongside a T-Net ministry which is engaged in training indigenous leaders for a disciple-making ministry. The couple was a great encouragement to the team by their presence and acts of service.
  • Our pastor went to Albania in April of 2018 to learn more of church planting efforts of the Illyricum Movement. He and another pastor were involved in training leaders from four different church plants in or near the city of Tirana. They also facilitated a leadership retreat which included spouses. Pastor Dan now serves on the IM Board of Directors and plans to return to Albania in 2019.
  • In 2023, our pastor traveled to Mongolia for life-on-life ministry, preaching and teaching at two church plants. The trip covered 7 Provinces and included visits with pastors, college campus leaders, shepherds, dentists, scientists, nurses, and many others along the 2,800 mile route. 
  • In June 2023, a St. Lucas Community Church team of 17 adults/youth traveled to Albania to facilitate a Vacation Bible School in partnership with Emmanuel Church. Over 50 local children participated in the week-long event. In the evenings, some helped the attendees work on their English. Others went out on the street corners and in the parks to pass out flyers for the VBS and to share the good news of Jesus.

Youth Mission Trips

  • In 2008, a team of 11 adults and youth flew to Gulport, MS and then drove to Bay St. Louis to join other teams in helping restore homes that had been damaged by Hurricane Katrina. The team worked well together in the time spent building repairing damaged houses. It was also a great week of team building.
  • In 2009, a team of youth and adults along with two other churches, drove to Crandon, WI to join a missionary family who were working with an Ojibwa tribe. The main objective was to lead a VBS in the morning and then spend the afternoons hanging out with the kids, usually at the beach. The evenings were spent around a campfire and the gospel was presented each night.
  • In 2010, another team returned to the same area and repeated a similar week experience.
  • In June of 2018, 9 youth and 3 adults drove to Kansas City, MO in partnership with Youth Works of Minneapolis, MN. We joined forces with three other churches and branched out into different areas of the city. Some of our ministry included assisting in summer school, visiting a senior living home, stuffing envelopes for a non-profit organization, working at noon meal, and other similar settings. Each evening was spent in worship, bible teaching, and group time. There was also a time for a picnic one night, a scavenger another night, and eating out at a famous barbeque restaurant. The kids had a great time, and it was a very life-changing week.

Missions We Support

At the present time, St. Lucas Community Church supports several missionaries in various parts of the world.

  • We support the Gilmore family who are stationed in Tanzania. They are working with Wycliffe, an organization involved in translating the bible into the native languages in that area.
  • Pastor Edi, his wife Bono and two boys are involved in church planting efforts in Tirana, Albania.  They have a heart for their people and have established creative ways to reach their local communities.
  • We also support a couple in Thailand who are reaching the unreached peoples in the surrounding countries.
  • There are others we pray for who are in sensitive areas of the world.
St. Lucas’ Awana children’s ministry serves as an effective local outreach tool while also teaching children about the importance of global missions support.

Local Outreach

Our Awana program is designed to reach families in our community with the gospel of Jesus. We provide inviting opportunities for children to experience God’s love and invite their families to get involved as well. Over half of the kids attending Awana are from outside the St. Lucas family!

Global Missions

As part of the Awana program, children participate in the ‘Awana GO’ global outreach. Our kids learn what scripture teaches about sharing God’s heart for children all around the world. Through Awana Go, children learn that they can be part of the Great Commission today!