Robert and Esther Mordick Church Scholarship Information

The Robert and Esther Mordick Scholarship has been generously started by Robert and Esther Mordick in 2019.  St. Lucas Community Church has been endowed by church members who have, through gifts and memorials, established a scholarship fund that provides financial resources to be awarded to undergraduates each year.  Scholarship applications are reviewed by St. Lucas Community Church Scholarship Committee each Spring and awarded in the Fall of each year directly to the applicant’s school.  It is the intent of the committee to award scholarships to students who 1) have decided to further their education 2) exhibit appropriate behavior in accordance with St. Lucas Community Church ideals and principles and 3) have a record of participation in and service to St. Lucas Community Church.

Scholarship Qualifications

The value of each scholarship will vary from year-to-year according to the returns on the invested funds and the number of qualified applicants.  Scholarships are for students enrolled in full-time or part-time undergraduate school.  Participants are expected to  enroll in a minimum of 6 credits and should be under the age of 25.  Scholarships will be awarded directly to the school.

Application Procedure
  1. Students may receive one scholarship per year for a maximum of four years, students are eligible up to the age of 25.
  2. This application is one academic school year, however a student may re-apply in following years if qualifications are met.
  3. Application will be available from the church website at the beginning of February during the year of application. Follow the instructions in this application form.
  4. Completed signed applications must be received by June 1st, 2024.  A complete application includes:
  • the online application form
  • verification of enrollment to the school or letter of acceptance is acceptable for first time applicants

After reviewing the application, the St. Lucas Community Church Scholarship Committee will contact all applications by mail and email. The scholarship recipients will be invited to the presentation of awards during a worship service, typically in August.  Recipients are expected to attend this presentation.  If you are unable to attend, contact the St. Lucas Community Church Scholarship Committee prior to the awards service, and arrange to have a friend or family member attend in your place.